Barbra Danin
(314) 477-8585

Areas of Expertise

Individual Counseling

Individual therapy is offered to young children, preteens, adolescents and adults. When treating children, Barbra works closely with parents and caretakers, offering support and guidance on parenting issues.

Couples Counseling

Barbra has extensive training and experience working with couples, helping improve relationships through healthy communication patterns and understanding and acceptance of each other's feelings.

- Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples

Barbra has participated ongoing training in Emotion Focused Therapy for over 10 years. EFT has shown to be highly effective in helping couples develop an understanding of their partner's feelings and behaviors, in order to bring about desired changes in the relationship.

Family Therapy

Meeting with family members together helps each one develop an understanding of the roles they play within the system and how they impact one another, in efforts to realign relationships and affect change. This includes families struggling with conflicts, those undergoing or adjusting to divorce, and blended families who are redefining their relationships.

- Co-Parenting Collaborative Therapy

Both married and divorced couples often have differing views on how to parent their children. Barbra works to help each parent explore their priorities and address child rearing issues with the other parent, focusing on the best interests of the child.

- Parent Consultation and Coaching

Barbra works closely with parents to support and empower them with effective tools and strategies for addressing their child's emotional and behavioral issues. When working with children, she maintains ongoing communication with parents to help them reinforce the work done in the therapy sessions.

- Family Art Therapy

Family Art Therapy incorporates an art making task into the family sessions, which adds an additional dimension to treatment through the novel experience of creating art together. Families benefit from the process of working together, and learn about each other from the artwork they create.

- Divorce

Divorce impacts each family member in various ways. Parents embroiled in conflict benefit from therapeutic assistance in navigating the divorce process for themselves and their children. Barbra assists parents in how to talk to their children about divorce and effectively meet their needs throughout the stages of divorce. In addition, Barbra works with children of divorcing families, providing an outlet for them to share their concerns and feelings.

- Adoption

Adopted children face unique issues that often remain unaddressed. These issues sometimes become manifest in seemingly unrelated ways, such as depression, anxiety, or behavioral issues. Therapy with adopted children provides the opportunity for families to gain a deeper understanding of how adoption impacts a child and the family, and offers guidance on how to address and overcome matters related to adoption.

- Parent Child Interactive Therapy

Parent Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT) engages parents and children in a therapeutic activity together, as guided by a therapist. Research has demonstrated this to be highly effective in helping parents address their children's emotional needs. Outcomes show reduced symptoms of depression, anxiety, and behavioral acting out in children. With these positive outcomes, parents experience decreased levels of stress, and families enjoy more positive relationships.

Group Therapy

Groups are conducted within schools and on an outpatient basis, and are tailored to meet the needs of each participant.