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What is Clinical Art Therapy?

Through painting, drawing, sculpture and other forms of creative expression, art making is highly effective in helping to recognize and convey underlying emotions and patterns of thought, offering a non-verbal outlet for self-expression.

It is the process of art making, rather than the product, that is the focus of the treatment, and is, at times, healing in and of itself.

Art therapy does not require artistic ability, and is appropriate for all ages.


Artwork can convey emotional and/or behavioral issues that may otherwise not be directly expressed. Repeated patterns of images over time often suggest meaningful concerns.

Interpreting artwork is done with extreme caution and sensitivity, with focus placed on the insights and comments made by the individual who created the piece.


Avoiding strong feelings can intensify stress, which can lead to a variety of symptoms and behaviors.

Creating artwork allows a release of pent up emotions and offers a gratifying sense of accomplishment.

Recent studies reveal how the act of creating art affects brain wave patterns and chemicals released by the brain.

Art Therapy & EMDR

Artwork provides a concrete, visual image that is utilized when reprocessing experiences with the bilateral stimulation of EMDR Therapy. Children, in particular, respond positively to the combination of the two.